Components of Whole Health

These are the components one changes and controls to bring about any physical, compositional, or performance goal.  Each goal is specific to how these variables are manipulated.

Cardiovascular: A reasonable cardiovascular quota will be outlined for you to improve your cardiovascular fitness, energy levels, and caloric expenditure.

Strength: A program for whole body strength is used to improve joint integrity and articulation, functional capacity, and increased metabolism. 

Food: A realistic eating plan, using online software, will be developed as we establish the parameters of your weekly routine.  To ensure continuity this planning will be determined based on your goals and how aggressive you can realistically be.  Practicality is essential, no radical dieting.

Flexibility: Stretching is like eating vegetables it is important for you but you still don't do it.  A comprehensive stretching program is essential to correct muscular imbalances that diminish strength, range of motion, and lead to overall joint degradation and chronic pain. 

Stress/ Recovery:  Establishing a balance between stress and recovery is essential to the continuity of a complete comprehensive plan.  Strategically planning your week will allow positive changes to be made.
Components of Sport Performance

Improvement in a sport doesn't just come about by practicing the skills involved.  Skills, no matter what the sport, are dependent on the physical attributes of the player.

Improve your attributes - improve your potential for the sport!

To improve as an athlete means to encompass all the attributes to meet the demands of the sport:

Speed:  Encompass strength, power, and technique to improve acceleration and top speed.

Power:  Reach your explosive potential through simple and dynamic movements with plyometrics.

Reaction:  Enhance motor response with mentally demanding drills and exercises.

Agility & Quickness:  Enhance stability and control in an unpredictable environment by use of multi directional foot drills.

Strength: Increase your force production by applying overload to your muscular system.

Stamina:  Manipulate intensity and rest periods to closely mimic the demands of your sport.
How much is your body worth?  
In Home Pricing

  • Sessions last approximately 50 minutes in length.
  • Appointments greater than 10 miles from my home address will be charged $1.00 per mile 

Single Person Sessions:  One on one personal attention.  A 10 session minimum is recommended for those seeking a complete comprehensive program which includes specific planning of the each of the components of whole health listed above.

$70  -1 session            $650 -10 session commitment            $1200 -20 session commitment

Multiple Person Sessions: Getting trained with a spouse or close friend is an effective use of teamwork to reach a goal. If you are looking for a makeover for the entire family ask about my family packaging.

add $15 per person per session to package price

Corporate Wellness / Team Training - ( 6 person+) :  Train as a group, a team, or coworkers with a common goal

$12 per person per session

Skype Pricing

  • Training through skype is offered the same way as in home personal training

$60  -1 session        $55 -10 session commitment
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Register for a Free Eating & Exercise Workshop!
Contact me to setup a  free 1 hour workshop at a location of your choice to help you get started free of charge. 

*There must be 10 people in attendance.
Home Fitness Solutions offers one on one personal fitness training to achieve whole health.  These sessions are conducted at your home, your place of workAlbright's Schumo Center, or through Skype.

 The emphasis of the training sessions is placed on the most fundamental needs of each particular client, with just a dash of practicality.  You will not be forced into a rigid program, but taught the  5 components necessary for whole health.  Each of the 5 components of this program will be taught and specifically applied to your situation and yours alone.  There will be nothing left in question once you get started.  You will be given all the tools you need to be successful!
Additional Facility Packages and Pricing:
  • Express sessions only Available for training at  Albright's Schumo Center
*Albright students get 10% off pricing.

Express Sessions:  Want the meat and potatoes workout?  Get in an Express session! It's 25 minutes in length combining strength and cardio for a timely exercise bout that still packs a wallop.

$45 -1 session                $400 -10 session commitment                    $750 -20 session commitment

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