• Michelle Gaul  Reading, PA

​As a wife, mother, and teacher I have spent many years taking care of others, not myself. Putting others first resulted in being overweight, out of shape, and stressed over my job. I picked up Nathan Baron’s business card from the front desk at Albright many times. Every time I picked up his card, I tucked it away into my wallet because I was too afraid of change. I felt insecure and embarrassed to make the phone call. 
This past year, I injured my knee several times and learned I had developed severe osteoarthritis in both knees. I was told I would need knee replacement surgery within a year or so. I was in a great deal of pain and experienced difficulty walking and climbing steps. Fearing surgery and recognizing a need for change resulted in beginning a weight loss program and exercising at Albright. Directionless, I finally called Nathan. Little did I know how much my life was going to completely change after that first phone call.
Nathan considers the health of the whole person, physically, and emotionally. He designs workouts specific to my evolving needs. I fully respect and trust Nathan’s ability to help me reach my goals of living pain free, being physically fit, and happily enjoying life to its fullest. He inspires me to improve my overall health and provides me with the tools to accomplish my goals. Along with having a great personality, Nathan is patient, kind, accepting, motivating, and professional. Nathan’s expertise and commitment to me as a client gives me the chance to make a change, restore balance in my life, and build my confidence. I’m learning how to use strength, cardiovascular, and stretching exercises to strengthen and redefine my body, specifically my knees. I’m also learning how to help myself make nutritional choices in order to maintain my weight loss and have an optimistic approach to life.  
Nathan Baron is a significant, strong influence on me. He encourages me to reflect on my experiences and view life from a new and positive perspective. As I continue to work with Nathan, I am 100% happier, 100% pain free, and 70 pounds lighter all through healthy eating, exercise, and life style changes. I walk and climb steps with ease and will not need knee replacement surgery anytime soon. Calling Nathan was the best phone call I have ever made! It has been a life altering experience and I feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life! I only wish I called sooner!

  • Mark Egbert  Reading, PA

I didn't know at 50 years old you didn't have to feel the aches and pains I thought were normal at this age.  The flexibility has changed my gold game.  I have more power and hit better than I ever did in my life.

  • Sally Pitcherello  Reading, PA

​Nate, I want to thank you for helping me get started on this fitness journey. I so appreciated your patience and instruction. It is so important for someone who is quite overweight to feel "safe" from ridicule and judgement when they begin to exercise. You listened to me, made me feel safe, and adapted exercises and movements that would challenge me but not discourage me. I am quite sure that without your help, I would not have had the courage to join a gym. Sometimes I still look at some of the very fit "gym rats" and become a bit intimidated but I know how far I have come and I am proud of myself. I thank you for your very important role in my fitness journey.

Thanks Again,

  • Tracy RarickWest Chester, PA

The simple truth – Nathan Baron changed my life.  I had battled with my weight my entire life and nothing I had ever tried worked as effectively as training with Nathan.  I lost 40 pounds in 5 months and went from a size 12 to a size 6.  Not only did I lose weight, but am stronger, toned, and in the best shape of my life.  

Of course I was skeptical at first because I had never worked with a personal trainer before and was embarrassed by my physical condition, but I wanted desperately to feel better about myself and not have that dark cloud hanging over me anymore.  Nathan completely understood that and tailored workouts for me, not a cookie-cutter routine he used for all of his clients.  That was really the breakthrough for me – a person who knew how to motivate me, when to push me, and when I was at my limit.  Eventually, I was able to do things I never thought I would have the strength or stamina to do (like pull-ups for example) and I never would have tried them without Nathan’s encouragement and training.  That’s exactly what helped me achieve and surpass my fitness goals.  I know it sounds like a lot of hard work and it is (I won’t lie).  But, training with Nathan is always fun!  We meet at 5:30am twice a week, so it obviously has to be something I want to do at that time of the day.

Nathan is definitely committed to his clients and works to help them achieve their goals.  He uses modern, safe, and effective fitness techniques and constantly does different things, so it is not the same boring workout time after time.

If Nathan could help me, I know he can do the same for any other person who has a fitness goal they desire to reach, but need help getting there.  HE IS THE BEST!

  • Lisa KonopelskiExeter, PA

My experience with Nathan,

Joining the gym was not something I had planned on doing.  I was having some health problems and I needed to feel like I was doing something to help the situation.
I met Nathan through a local facility that was the closest gym to my workplace.  I felt old and defeated, but thru my journey Nathan helped me feel in control again.  The more I worked out, the stronger I felt inside and outside.  I had MANY down days and every day Nathan worked with me without judgement.  He gave me encouragement every time, even when I felt I didn't deserve it.
If I wasn't able to push myself farther...then is was a day I was only there to maintain.
Nathan is guy with great knowledge about the body.  He shares everything he can with you and never judges your feelings or motivation on any given day.  

If you are looking for a way to achieve your goals, work with Nathan.  You will achieve your goals and work beyond them as long as you continue to work with him. He is one of those people who will change your life......  

  • Sandra ZechmanWyomissing , PA

Nathan Baron is an amazing trainer.  After 3 years I’m 30 lbs lighter.  The great thing about the weight loss is that with Nate I have learned how to never be overweight again.  I’m stronger, more balanced and I feel great.  He knows how the muscles in the body work and how to avoid injuries.  He has taught me proper form which allows me to get maximum benefit from my workouts.  I know I could not have gotten here without his guidance and non-judgmental support.  He is an important part of my fitness program.

  • Maria SedorGilbertsville, PA  

I have never been the type of person who was naturally thin, able to eat whatever I want and not gain an ounce.  blame it on family genes; I always did.

Struggling with my weight I have tried just about every fad diet out there.  I would lose a few pounds, but quickly realized there is only so much cabbage a person should consume in one lifetime.  I would fall off the weight watching wagon and find the few pounds lost back on my hips.  The pounds always brought an additional friend or two, landing on other parts of my body.

I shocked my family and friends by joining a fitness center.  I finally realized exercise was a necessary evil and that diet alone wasn't going to do the trick.  Some of my friends placed a bet that I wouldn't last two weeks.  They didn't count on the fact that I would actually like exercising under the supervision of the trainer that I hired.  I liked feeling more energetic and confident in myself.  I didn't see fast weight loss results immediately because I was still working on the eating part of the equation,  but the realistic and practical planning by my trainer Nathan Baron definitely pulled through as my progress became steady and easy almost.

When I decided to work with Nathan Baron as my trainer I learned exactly what I needed to do to lose weight, and though I hadn't thought of it before I realized than anyone can get a trainer.  Why didn't I do this sooner?  The weekly workouts were challenging and motivating.  It was exciting to see the results, and compliments from my friends and family came steady and still going.  I must say I love shopping for new clothes.

Overall I felt healthier and more energetic.  However, the progress I made didn't really hit home until I saw a photograph from a recent holiday party.  Each year the photographer at this party manages to take a rather unflattering photograph of my husband and I together.  This time I finally have a picture with my husband that I actually framed.  Compared to previous years pictures it was unbelievable.

I guess I proved family genes were not responsible for keeping me fat, I was.  I've kept the weight off too!  I lost over 30 lbs!! Before each diet I would hang on to the "fat clothes" in case I needed them in the future.  Well,  now I've tossed all the fat clothes away.  Thanks Nathan!

  • Jean ZeiglerXXX, PA

I have worked with Nathan Baron for over five years.  I have arthritis in my joints and spine and the exercises he has produced have helped tremendously to control the pain.  My energy level and endurance have increased.  I cut my grass in the summer and walk for up to two hours at a time without difficulty now.  At my age balance is always a problem.  I practice the different exercises I have been taught, and my balance and coordination have really improved.  My strength - I can't believe at my age I could increase my strength and lifting ability.  To my surprise I have done so considerably.  This has helped me a great deal in my daily life.

Nathan has led me to challenge myself and improve,  he has really been the difference to improve my technique and capacity to do anything I normally would struggle with.

My main goal is to just take care of myself, and I have really learned how to do that through exercises I never would have thought of.  Working with Nathan is interesting and fun.  I recommend working with him because you learn much in the process, especially new exercises.  I know now it is important to have someone there to take you through and watch you to not only perform your workouts properly, but effectively.  You will get more out of each session.

Overall my personal training experience has been very worthwhile.  I have learned many things and and able to move easier and function better throughout my day.

  • Judith LesherXXX, PA

I have been working out with Nathan since June 2007.  I have lost about 30 pounds and have gone from pants size 22-24 down to 16-18 and shirts from 22-24 (2X -3X) to XL (14-16).  It is a wonderful feeling when I go to buy clothes and can fit into a smaller size.

Nathan has encouraged me to watch what I eat, limit my calories, and pushes me to my limits in exercising.  I've learned what I should eat, what I should stay away from, and how stress affects everything.  Do I listen?  Yes, but I don't always follow instructions very well and have suffered for it by not reaching my goals in the time frame I would like to.  Could he do anything to make me take his advice?  Not always, so I realize it is something I have to want to do for myself.  As he always tells me "Its ok, just don't go backwards".

Working with Nathan gives me the motivation to keep going (even when I'm not listening to his advice at least I'm maintaining my weight and know he's concerned that I have put up that mental block).  I have less joint pain, more energy and even though I have more to lose the boost to my self image has been great.  And my balance! When I first started I was lucky if I could stand on one foot for 10 seconds without losing my balance.  Now he has me trying to do toe touches standing on one foot.  I never thought I’d see that day.  I strongly suggest working out with a Nathan.  The trainer will show you what to do and how to do it without injuring yourself and so you get the most out of what you are doing.  They will be there to encourage you to do just one more when you think your arms are going to fall off.  A trainer is a great support person.  Thank you Nathan for being here for me.

  • Dorene GregoryBarto, PA

I wanted you to know that Sam and Collyn had their first football practice of the season last night.  Your work with them was evident!  Both of the boys coaches commented on how well they were doing.  Sam had the biggest smile when he talked about his first football experience.  What a change!  He had been so worried and scared about not liking it or not doing well.  Just the opposite.  He caught every ball they threw to him and he did real well with the squat position and sideways running.  Collyn's coach was impressed as well.  He felt Collyn was even better than he was last year.  Last year, his coach had commented to us that he was the best player on the team.

I believe it was the work you did this summer that gave them the extra edge and now they are so encouraged by it.  

 I wanted to let you know and to say thanks.

  • Dave MandleXXX, PA

Nate Baron worked with me for twenty 1 hour sessions over ten weeks April thru July, 2009. The goals established were to lose weight and improve flexibility.  Nate established a diet regime for me which allowed me to drop 14 pounds over the period and ran me through several routines to improve my upper and lower body strength while improving my flexibility.

I will continue to use Nate's routines on my own and will continue to use Nate's supervision once per month to help keep me honest and stay on top of my goals.

I highly recommend working with Nathan since it allows to develop an appropriate plan for the individual's situation. It also allows to maintain a better sense of discipline over the training period which can become routine when the period is over.
He has developed some special exercise routines which differ from those in the mainstream which I find particularly effective for my situation.

I can recommend Nate as a dedicated, knowledgeable and professional trainer who will adapt his sessions to meet every individual's special needs.

  • Tynya HerbertXXX, PA

I have trained with Nathan Baron for approximately 3 months; we met 3 times a week for 25 minutes.  During that time I have seen by body transform into something that I am proud of.  I have lost more inches than actual weight, but the inches are dropping me into a smaller clothing size. That is what I wanted. I have dropped one full size and almost a 2nd full size. I am Diabetic with cholesterol levels that are not typically good. My bad cholesterol has dropped into an acceptable level and my good cholesterol is going up.  This makes my Dr very happy and I am happy because I don't have to add any medicine to my daily regimen. 

Nathan is a very patient but persistent trainer, he somehow figures out how far to push you so you can reach optimal results.  I have been lifting weights and doing cardio exercises that I NEVER thought possible, and I used to be a very athletic person.  Nathan’s attitude is solely focused on each individual and helping the individual to reach their goals.  
I did know a lot of what Nathan has taught me about not eating more calories than necessary and the awareness of what you are eating and being accountable for every calorie you put in your mouth, but I have lost that in the past few years. It wasn't until he said that part of the training was to actually know and learn how much I eat, I was surprised at how many calories I was actually eating and wondering why I wasn't’ heavier than I was.  The tracking and measuring has made me accountable once again, and I learned that it is OK to have that Chocolate Chip Cookie once in a while, but where did I take those calories from.

Now going to the gym and eating well, or being accountable has not only filled my life but filtered in to my family as well.  My children and husband are aware of serving sizes and are astonished when I measure their food serving size vs. my food serving size and how the calories are so different.  The gym has just become a part of my life 5 – 6 days a week and on the day I don’t go to the gym I run, bike ride or just do some fun activity with my family.

I absolutely enjoyed working with Nathan and as hard as it was in from time to time, my body shows that it was worth it.  I’ve been told my several people I’m not sure what you are doing but you look great and even had a hygienist at the dentist office I go to tell me I am an inspiration.

This was by far money well spent and hopefully will be able to continue on a semi regular basis. Thank you so much for pushing me, this is the first year in a long time (15 years) I am not embarrassed to wear a bathing suit.

Thank You!

  • Barbara ThunXXX, PA

I have been working with Nathan for three years, focusing on maintenance and balance.  I have learned more about how every motion affects all parts of the body and what the most effective or "correct" motion should be to get the best result.

It has been very enjoyable to work with Nathan, and recommend working with him.  You are going to accomplish so much more with a trainer than by yourself.  I know with out the guidance I tend to fly through my workouts and skip some of the more important aspects that he has brought to my attention.
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