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Nathaniel Q BaronOwner/ Operator

Credentials:   BS Exercise Science
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
ACSM Health & Fitness Specialist
APEX Fitness Professional

Conveniently located in the Reading Area, I reside in the Reading area with my wife Leslie and my children, Noelle, and Nathaniel.  Together we enjoy a lot of family time and all the outdoors has to offer summer and winter.  Commitment to family would be my strongest characteristic.  Activities, games, and sports were always and continue to be the best bonding experiences shared with family and friends.  I graduated college in 2001, and since then I have provided professional services to women and men in and outside of health clubs. 

My passion for exercise has been with me since a young age, though at the time it was just called playing outside.  I strive to inspire the people around me with the dramatic changes you can make to your health by just simple changes and practical planning.  Complicated has never been a way to solve anything for me.  Exercise doesn't have to be grueling.  It can be enjoyable, and you'll even look forward to it. Time and patience will teach you what your body feels like with appropriate exercise, and its always good. 

My education and capacity for being a patient teacher has been the key to my success with so many people.  In addition to seventeen years of experience, my understanding for this industry has also been fueled from my extensive participation in sports up to a collegiate level.

I grew up in a small town in upstate NY, so my childhood was spent in the country appreciating the simple enjoyable activities that most people miss out on now a days.  When my career path became apparent it was only a short time after that I understood how great and fulfilling this path was for my self, not to mention the people around me.  To be knowledgeable of the infinite potential the human body has is empowering, and to impart that knowledge to others, even more so.  Bringing health back into your life is the summation of all that you enjoy or forgot you enjoyed and balancing it out with those stressors that take away from that.  More commonly American lives are heavy on the stressors and light on enjoyable.

This quest I started began with my parents, who like so many Americans gave up their health to provide for their children, in my parents case there was five (children that is).  Many people are stuck in the same predicament, and continued attempts at fad diets and exercise regiments lead to a dead end.  You give up your health for a career and family life, but this does not have to be so.  The environment we live in promotes the wrong behavior: fast food, long days, little sleep, and too many obligations.

My training philosophy offers no gimmicks or rapid results promises, but real solutions to real problems that take work, perseverance, and understanding.  The reasons for past failures will become apparent from a simple approach.  You will wonder why you didn't make things simpler before.  A thorough approach does not just focus on the appearance side of being fit but the functional side as well.  Exercise is not just punishing your body like most think; it is appropriate application of exercises to improve the whole spectrum of your physical being - strength, endurance, balance, muscle symmetry, core integrity, joint integrity, and coordination.  You will be looking better, feeling stronger, and moving easier.  No one can explain this to you until you decide to feel it for yourself!  

You don't have to give up the activities you love.  Your life doesn't have to be dominated by stress.  It is very simply a choice that even I have learned to make and the right tools make that choice a little easier.