Hey, don't be shy. Join the club - not the gym!  If you don't want to join the local gym because you're self conscious or you simply don't have the time YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  You can have success in the privacy of your own home, and without the expensive exercise equipment!  

Home Fitness Solutions offers in home personal training services.

The key in success stories is following the smartest path, not the most aggressive.  People purchase home exercise equipment and it turns into a clothes rack or join a gym and don't go.  Break this cycle!!  Don't try and decipher all the information from the Internet.  Use a professional to plan it for you, on your time, at your pace!  Our role is teaching, not forcing.  Learn so you don't have to follow.

Following isn't learning, so getting on another impractical fad diet & exercise plan will yield at best short lived success.  We're selling the education to tackle this by your own means. Everyone has a particular lifestyle, let us help you figure out the best fit.

You can have all the tools for success at your convenience, but not using them effectively is where plans falter.

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Reaching a fitness goal is not always the easiest endeavor in the midst of the busy and stressful lives we lead.  In the realm of fitness complicated is rarely synonymous with success.

Keeping your routine practical and consistent is the name of the game. My solutions to the usually hectic lifestyles of clients in desperate need of help are the best way of getting results.  

Whether those goals are weight loss, general conditioning, or sports performance together we can plan a practical yet aggressive means to your end results in  the simplest way possible - by bringing it to your home!

Mission Statement:  Home Fitness Solutions was developed to help people find the means to have success in health and fitness that meets their goals, lifestyle, and budget in the privacy of ones home.  Services are conducted at your residence, online, and over the phone.
This page was last updated: November 8, 2022
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Keeping fitness simple by bringing it to your home!
Sessions may be conducted at Albright's Schumo Center.  Click the link above to  view fitness center location, hours, and membership fees.
The Reading Hospital and Medical Center

Strength classes are held for the WMC Support Group at the Weight Management center the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.  Contact us for details.  Click the link above to bring you to the Weight Management Center.  
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